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  • macrolote-av-mexico-puerto-vallarta-1


    Macrolote Av. México

    Macrolote Av. México Macrolote Av. México. Excellent macrolotes located on Avenida México in Colonia Agua Zarca in Puerto Vallarta Located in front of the Municipal Trail, 6 fractions with different …

    27,452.57 M2
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  • Macrolote La Gloria

    Macrolote la gloria Macrolote La Gloria. Exclusive geographic jewel for ecotourism beach development. It is a beautiful property totally private, has 32 hectares of land that are privately owned. To …

    32 Hectareas
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    Macrolote Portezuelo

    Reduced price Macrolote Portezuelo Reduced price,  $13,990,400.00 MXN a $9,793,304.85 MXN. Meet this incredible macro. The Macrolote Portezuelo located in Portezuelos in the Municipality of Tomatlán Jalisco, Mex. It is …

    27980.7 M2
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  • lote-el-salado-puerto-vallarta-6

    275/USD por M2

    Macrolote El Salado

    Macrolote El Salado Macrolote El Salado an excellent land for sale in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, with a total area of 53,998.62 Hectares, excellent access, near the Plaza de Toros “La …

    53,998.62 Hectáreas
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  • macrolote_vallarta_8

    1,500/MXN/POR M2

    Macrolote Ixtapa

    Macrolote Ixtapa Macrolote Ixtapa is a plot of 33,000 square meters, an excellent high-density housing development, north of the city of Puerto Vallarta, privileged for its excellent location, since it …

    33,000 M2
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  • macrolote-gdl-istapa-vallarta-3


    Macrolote Guadalajara Ixtapa

    Macrolote Guadalajara Ixtapa Large lot in excellent location, in front of the Guadalajara Pharmacy of Ixtapa, in a residential area, very close to LAS PALMAS ROAD, 15 minutes from the …

    3,100 M2
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  • macrolote-jardines-del-bosque-6

    1,200/MXN/POR M2

    Macrolote Jardines del Bosque

    Macrolote Jardines del Bosque Macrolote ready to grow! Meet this incredible macro. Macrolote Jardines del Bosque is a great opportunity as it has an excellent location. Around it we can …

    9626.18 M2
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  • 235_DSC01009


    Macrolote Alma

    Macrolote Alma Come and know the Alma Macrolote, this Lot is for sale. It is located on a corner in Nuevo Vallarta, and its surroundings are close to restaurants, as …

    1544.13 M2
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  • Macrolote Garcia

    Macrolote Garcia Macrolote Garcia, property for sale in Puerto Vallarta, has 2,000 m2 of land to one side of donation area and church. It is located in a corner and …

    2,000 M2
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  • foto 4


    Macrolote Jarretaderas

    Macrolote Jarretaderas Come and know the Macrolote Jarretaderas has a great location, Plusvalía, located at 20 mt of the Federal Highway with direct access, next to a company. It has …

    1500 M2
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